The annual billing for waste service from Emterra USA was mailed April 1st, 2017.  The contract charge for this year is $170.76; this covers the period from May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018.  This bill was due TO EMTERRA NO LATER THAN JUNE 30TH, 2017. If not paid by June 30th, the amount due plus an additional $20.00 delinquent fee was placed on the winter tax bill.  Please make your checks payable to "Emterra Environmental USA Corp".  All payments must be mailed directly to Emterra - we can not accept payments for garbage at the Township Office.  The new bill for the 2018-2019 calendar year will be mailed in April 2018.

We have received complaints about the condition and appearance of the wire cages used to protect garbage from the wildlife in the township.

The wire cages at curbside shall not be used for the daily accumulation of garbage.  Garbage in approved bags may be placed in wire cages the night before the scheduled pickup day, or on the last day of your occupancy.

Cages at curbside must be constructed of a frame and wire screen design.  Cages must be kept clean, free of all materials, and kept in good repair.

No trash of any kind shall be store or accumulated on a vacant lot or in a wooded area.

Caseville Township contracts with Emterra Environmental for garbage pickup. The garbage company mails its bill out the beginning of April. Per township ordinance, all parcels within the township that have a house on the property, whether occupied or not, are subject to this fee. Payment is required to be returned to the garbage company, no later than June 30th. Delinquent garbage bills are added to the winter tax bill, along with an additional $20 penalty.

Garbage pick-up for Caseville Township is Monday morning. 

Please have your rubbish at the curbside by 6:30 AM on the service day.

Emterra does *not* collect on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. Trash will be collected the day following the holiday.  If a holiday falls on the weekend, trash pick-up will remain on Monday.

Caseville Township residents are entitled to one free dump per month at the Bad Axe landfill located on McMillan Road between W. McTaggart and W. Atwater Roads.

For a map, please click here.

The load must be approximately 1.5 yards or less (or an average pick-up load, water level).  Proper identification must be presented at the landfill.

Please contact Emterra to schedule the pick-up of large items.

Items Allowed:

        Approved waste containers or bags, not heavier than 50 pounds.  Trash containers cannot contain "loose trash - please bag all contents inside your container.

        You are allowed to place ONE large item out per week (i.e. sofa, chair, appliances).  Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc. that contain CFC's can only be picked up if tagged and certified by an air conditioning specialist that the Freon has been removed.

       **Please remove any doors from appliances before placing at the curbside for obvious safety reasons.**

Items That Will NOT Be Picked Up:

        Tired, car parts, car batteries, construction or demolition materials, furnaces, rocks, bricks, cement, stumps, trees, or loose liquids.

        Hazardous Waste: Including poisons, paint solvents, paint liquids (must be dry and hardened with the lid off), fuel, oil, pesticides, herbicides, or dead animals.


Emterra Environmental offers a yard waste pick-up service for an additional fee.  For the 2017 season, the charge was $67.00.  The yard waste pick-up season runs from April 1st through November 30th.  You must please contact Emterra directly to sign up for this service.

Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, brush, and twigs.  Sticks must be no longer than 4 feet in length, and 2 inches in diameter, and should be tied in bundles less than 50 pounds in weight. 

No yard waste will be accepted in plastic bags.  You must use brown kraft paper yard waste bags (available at hardware stores, Wal-mart, etc.) or 30 gallon unlined trash containers clearly marked with an "X" on the side.

Tuesday is the service day for yard waste pick-up.

 To contact Emterra,
please call toll-free

Our Address

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Caseville Township
6767 Main Street
P.O Box 519
Caseville, MI 48725
Fax 989-856-9653

Office Hours:

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Monday - Friday
Unless otherwise posted
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 * For your convenience,
 there is an after-hours drop-box
 located at both entrances of
the Township Hall.*
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Public Notices

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The Caseville Township Offices will be *closed* Monday, May 28th, in observance of Memorial Day.

memorial day vet hours

See the source imageRegarding the water issue reported on the news, please be aware that the problem is isolated to one location - St. Roch Church.  The City of Caseville does routine testing and samples are periodically sent to the State of Michigan.  The current sample was taken from St. Roch Church, and was taken from the line for the sprinkler system, not the main line.   The sprinkler line is not in use, so the water is stagnant, which is most likely the cause of the increased levels of trihalomethane.  The State of Michigan does not look at isolated incidents, they only look at the entire report(s) as a whole.  The problem does not effect Township Water.  Again, it is an isolated issue, and the DPW is working to remedy the problem.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Township Office, or the DPW directly at 989-856-4407.

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Winter Taxes were due as of February 28, 2018.  Taxes can no longer be paid in the Township Office. All 2017 taxes must now be paid through Huron County.



Huron County Treasurer, Deb McCollum

 250 E. Huron Ave.

Room 204

P.O. Box 69

Bad Axe, MI 48413

(989) 269-9238

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Caseville Township has made arrangements with Thumb Industries, Inc. for a permanent recycling trailer located in the parking lot of the Caseville Family Market at 6730 Main St. in Caseville.  The trailer is available to the public daily, all year round.

This is a FREE, VOLUNTARY, option for Caseville Township residents to be able to recycle. 

For a list of recyclable items accepted by Thumb Industries, please click here

See the source imageOnline Bill Pay is available via credit card or e-check by clicking here and selecting from the "online payments" menu on the left-hand side.  Credit cards are also accepted in our office.

 *Please be aware that the credit card company charges a 3% fee for credit card payments, and a flat $3.00 charge for e-check payments.*

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