Ordinance and Zoning Enforcement

Steven Watkins

Township Ordinance Enforcement

989-856-3053 Ext.3

Steven Watkins may be contacted regarding any issues, complaints, or concerns regarding any violation or possible violation of a township ordinance. He is unable to be on-site at all times. You may leave a message for Steven either by dialing the number above, or by speaking with the office assistant. Your messages will be returned as soon as possible.

Township Building and Zoning Enforcement Officer,

Terry Kelly,


Terry is our Building and Zoning Administrator and Inspector.

He may be contacted about building/zoning complaints, or issues.

Office hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8AM to 11 PM.

Caseville Township Hall is located at 6767 Main Street in Caseville.
It is on the corner, across from the old Shell Station,and where the traffic light used to be. 

T:989 856 3053
F: 989 856 9653